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Angelina Jolie for Redbook Magazine, 2003.

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allyverse asked:
Hey pal! I'm so jealous that you got a hug from Jimmy today!! Post details, please!! :D

Well I got the monologue rehearsal tickets kinda last minute. They opened up I guess because someone cancelled. Then I get there, get checked in etc etc. I was first in line so I was excited but then when we lined up again I was like near the middle of the line and I was so upset. And then I realized it didn’t matter because they loaded us into the lobby outside the studio and so I kinda like floated to the front. Then Albertina(Shes a writer) gave a big speech on how to be hyped. Then we went into the studio and I was third in line so I was in the front row but third from the aisle. And Jimmy was already sitting at his desk with Miles and Gavin talking and then Jimmy went and walked up to his clover. And then I held up my little sign that said “hug for a falpal?” And he read it outloud and then walked up to my seat and said “I’m coming down with something I’m sorry” and I was like “no I don’t mind at all” lol and then the two girls that were sitting in between us just moved their legs over, basically just still in the way lol, and then he reached over and gave me a one armed hug but really meant it. Like he squeezed me and our faces were touching and we kinda lingered there and as we were hugging he said “nice to meet you” into my ear and as we finished hugging I said it back and he just looked into my eyes and smiles and OMG. Then he told the jokes but had to stop halfway through to blow his nose because he was sick and then it seemed like he was rushing it so he could go rest or try to feel better but before he left he looked at me and smiled and waved and I waved back and that was my day :)

I’m just thinking about Jimmys hug today and how his face felt and how we squeezed each other and how he like looked into my soul after and what his voice sounded like in my ear and I want to die that way I’ve decided.

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